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Wedding Themes And Why We Use A Theme To Enhance A Wedding

carnival wedding theme

Planning a wedding is not only about the wedding dress, invitation cards, stationary or the 3 tier cake, there is a lot more to do in terms of getting creative for your Big Day! Today every couple wants their wedding to be a great and memorable one and every wedding has a theme.

Whether you like to choose from a rustic floral wedding theme to a Cinderella fantasy wedding theme, a beach theme to a backyard garden theme, there are endless opportunities to come up with perky, inspired ideas to bring your vision to reality.

beach wedding theme

So let us understand why it is so vital to theme and beef up your Big Day.  How would you know the selected theme is right for your Big Day.  What are the guidelines in terms of fabric colour, theme props, the right lighting effect to blend with the theme and so on and so forth?

We as a wedding planning company at all times, suggest having a wedding theme.  Themes add a spark, a curiosity and fun to a wedding and who says you can’t turn an amazing fun party on your wedding day.  Living in today’s modern era, we have loads of fabulous wedding themes to choose from, be it an indoors fun and energy packed to a country side garden theme or the choice of a beach theme wedding.

Another reason to theme up your wedding day is to give is a strong statement, something that unifies the entire day’s events and get your guests curious as the events unfold.  You can use your theme as a reference point when you’re choosing décor, favours, flowers, cars, even food and drink, and certainly your dress and accessories.  For e.g. You can go one step further to create “Bride & Groom Cocktail” as a welcome drink and quiz guests on the concoctions that made this very special beverage. Or tag your dinner tables with stories or one liner’s associated with you and your groom and get your guests curious.

Finally, we suggest a theme to make your wedding personalized with the hopes of being in its original form.  We want your wedding to be “A Fond Memory” having an expressive theme with continuity throughout the ceremony and loads of memories for all your guests to carry back home.

So friends, on that note, should you decide on a theme for your wedding day, keep it simple yet elegant and easy flow, ensure your guests feel comfortable to participate, pay attention to the colours that complement your theme, seek the assistance of your wedding planner, brainstorm on ideas with family and friends and Voila! You’re ready with a theme for the day you say “I DO”



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