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The Wedding Checklist

Planning your wedding day!

Usually, we aren’t allowed to freak out. Our friends calm us down and our peers tell us to focus, since freaking out doesn’t help much in any situation involving high pressure. However, some situations can’t be handled without a heart pulsating so fast it’s the only thing you can hear. And the perfect example of a situation like that is planning a wedding.

So how do you keep your cool, or at least try, when you’ve got a wedding to plan? Well here is a checklist that will help you keep track of your progress through the heart-wrenching adventure:-

  • Pick a date
  • Work out a target budget
  • Start working on your guest list
  • Research a wedding destination of your choice and book well in advance
  • Begin your wedding photographer search
  • Start shopping for attire for yourself and others
  • Look for a caterer/food arrangement
  • Send save the dates, a new way of doing this is over email, but receiving them in the mail has its own charm to it!
  • Find the right wedding invitation for you
  • Decide what kind of music do you want
  • Research your wedding planner who fits your comfortability pattern
  • Decide what kind of wedding cake do you want
  • Research hair and make-up artists
  • Get a trail run of your attire, hair and make up
  • Book a photographer/videographer as per your needs
  • Finalize your guest-list and send the invitations
  • Book the florist, decorator and coordinator for the date
  • Wedding rings must be in order
  • Finalize your rehearsal dinner
  • Research your local marriage license, civil union, and domestic partnership rules
  • Work on your wedding vows
  • Write thank-you notes for gifts you might receive
  • Finalize your menu
  • Finalize your music and playlist
  • Create a ceremony outline
  • Create a wedding timeline
  • Schedule final trails and fittings for your perfect look
  • Confirm all rentals
  • Get a wedding license
  • Get a final count of your guests
  • Ensure all requires clothes/accessories are ready to go
  • Put up final payments and advance payments wherever needed

Once this part is done, viola! You have got half the job complete. Hiring a wedding planner who fits your requirements at the start of your planning stage is crucial.  This will give you time to concentrate on the guest list, flight bookings and personal wedding shopping.

Enjoy the very special day that marks the beginning of a new phase of your life with your partner, enjoy and live in the moment! 

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