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Rustic Countryside – A Destination Wedding

Rustic weddings have been ever so popular and has become a pretty broad term with most couples opting for this natural, earth based theme décor .  Rustic weddings are more suited to the outdoor environment, amidst greenery, like you’re kissing nature.  A Rustic wedding has a ‘Casual Feel’, deep earth-tone colors, incorporating wooden elements such as barrels, crates, logs and tons of nature based details.  Heavy wooden and stone elements is a main feature not forgetting mason jars with wild flowers, warm golden fairy lights, wooden signage’s, candle’s form the highlight of this hot trendy theme décor !  Today we hope to inspire you with some of our rustic wedding ideas that you can customize and make your Big Day a very special one!

RUSTIC MIX – A combination of earthy, natural tones mixed with blush pink or bottle mango green is a fabulous color mix.  My personal favorite is blending the above colors with a warm shade of gold as a base to bring out the natural rustic charm.  Chalkboards or wooden signage’s are a must, so use as many as you can, the writing’s on them bring in the quirkiness and fun in the party.  As we get into the evening mood, the lighting and ambiance takes over, just ensure you have loads of warm fairy lights creeping over wooden pillars and highlighting garden shrubs all around the venue

TRUE NATURAL CANDLE LIGHT Rustic is all about staying natural and being inspired by nature based elements and candle light is one of them! Candles fill up the venue with that soft romantic glow.  Have thick candles in cylinder jars, floating candles on your centrepieces and candles in lanterns to highlight the pathway entrance. Add flowers, leaves and pebbles to the décor and voila! You have created a rustic masterpiece!

MAKING USE OF BURLAPS, WOODEN LOGS AND MASON JARS – These elements are a great addition in setting the neutral and natural rustic feel to the event. Include burlaps as chair tie backs, table runners or table covers.  Wooden log slices act as great centrepiece base, I always ensure this is a must for our rustic theme décor. Local wild flowers in Mason jars turn out to be a remarkable element to complete your rustic theme.

INCLUDE SPARKLERS OR A BONFIRE TO BRING OUT THE RUSTIC COUNTRY FEEL –To further enhance its authenticity, natural fire in a subdued form is like bringing your rustic theme to life.  And besides it all, these elements make great photography….moments to capture for years and years as memories to cherish.

AND LAST….FINDING THE RIGHT VENUE – Ideally an outdoor, nature based green landscaped venue, a few trees around would be even better, a barn like venue also welcome. Choose an open, relaxed and soft venue that will suit the rustic theme you have opted for your wedding. Ensure that you have lots of nature inspired elements around.  Another important element to use for a rustic theme is ‘Rope’.  I try and wrap bottle jars, buckets, hanging lanterns with rope as this is a budget friendly item and blends with the earthy rustic look.

Hope you do get inspired to try some of the rustic theme ideas and let us know your comments.  You might just step on a few more ideas to enhance the rustic them, do keep us updated, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time….happy wedding planning!


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