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Love…Romance…A Wedding!

The golden yellow rays of the sun dipping in the calm oceans of our sunny beach in Colva, South of Goa… Coconut palms whispering to the excited tourists Goan mandos and dulpods… Ice-cream vendors luring young kids to buy their creamy cones, hawkers in nearby corners selling their wares….  And there she was! Jasmine was in awe of her scenic surroundings. She waited eagerly for George, her college sweetheart to return back to the shores after dipping his toes in the salty sea waters. The lanky athletic man in his early 30’s had swept her off her feet and Jasmine found herself cocooned in dreams of life-long love and pure passion.  It was hearts pounding and the initial attraction of both hearts. George had adopted the classic ‘bending on one knee presenting a stunning engagement ring’ asking for her hand in marriage. That was just the day before! And she happily had said ‘Yes’ to him engulfed by a sea of emotions that shook the very core of her being.

Beating heart, the lovey-dovey look, the glow in their eyes, the radiant skin, and the tremulous voice spoke volumes of their love for each other. George had befriended Jasmine in her college days, and as the years passed, their relationship had grown much stronger. Although George had a short two year stint in the UK, they had managed to keep in touch with each other through phone calls and Skype. Having found a decent job in a reputed local company after his brief UK stint, George had pushed his luck a little further and had proposed to his ladylove. Eight years of courtship! A big fat wedding was on their cards! Such are the fairy-tale stories of many couples.

Love and romance, a universal feeling that grips couples of all ages culminates in a life-long relationship of sharing, caring and bearing. It knows no barriers of race, caste, creed, age, religion, etc. I have witnessed many emotional and special moments of such wonderful in – love couples. Inter-caste marriages, inter-religious ceremonies, inter-nationality weddings, marriages where there exists mostly a gap of few years or at times a decade or more. What a beautiful feeling to be wrapped in the arms of the man whom you love, and the one who accepts you the way you are. It doesn’t matter to him if you are working or a home-maker, fair skinned or tanned, with defects or without, health problems or whatever… He loves you a million times more than he may express. He knows the depths of your soul and reads every mood of yours to nuances in your mundane life.

A journey full of joyous moments and sorrows that life may throw at you…. Braving the odds together in raising troublesome teenagers, caring for old in-laws, managing career concerns, and building a home filled with love, warmth, understanding, trust, honesty, humility, hard work, and dedication is a spiritual exercise in itself.

Don’t deny love if you meet it face-to-face! To love and to be loved add great richness to one’s life.  Some meetings may happen by chance, while others could be a match making or double dating through friends, while still others may find their love at the workplace or the next-door handsome hunk or as most of us now meet over the internet, dating websites, online chat groups….and the list goes on.  You never know when the Cupid decides to aim his arrows at you! Jump the marriage bandwagon and join the trillions and trillions of happily married couples the world over.

Cause love and romance always triumphs….and then its plans for a BIG DAY celebrations!!

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