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Goa has always been and is continuing its strong place as one of the most scenic and breath taking wedding destinations in the country. We see the trend of NRI bridal couples increase year over year and why not!  You come back to roots and rituals and that is what is most appealing to Indians settled abroad.  Not to forget, you also get this wonderful opportunity to acquaint your friends and well-wishers to the magical traditions and culture of mystic India!


We have been receiving requests from our NRI bridal couples over the months now to simplify wedding details so that it becomes an easy route for couples-to-be to find their grounding with a wedding planning prep start-up.

So let’s dive straight in and find out ways and means of how we can put together a simple step by step method, which hopefully should make your prep start up a lot more efficient and effective.  Here they are listed as below:

1.The best time to start wedding planning prep

We recommend the earlier the better as this then gives you sufficient time for research. We believe in collecting maximum research data as this will widen the scope and your chances for the best wedding ever! However, when we are asked on the best time, we recommend 6 to 8 months prior to the wedding date which is by far a decent time to start the preparation plan.

2. Finding a venue

It can become a challenge to source your wedding venue from a distant land and more importantly to find that one venue you have envisioned celebrating the biggest and happiest day of your life with family and friends.    

At times, you may have a relative or friend or a co-worker who has a fairly good experience with the destination and can share his or her experience with you.  Perhaps you or friends have been visiting India for short vacations and collected some data on Goa, which is a decent help to many.  All this helps…

What we suggest is to hook up the internet and spend time browsing through the wedding websites e.g. Wedmegood, Wedding Sutra, Wedding Vows, Wedding Wire where there is so much of information to savour (keep making those notes as they will come handy when you are ready to kick start the actual planning).  You can also check out the individual hotel websites and there are some stunning wedding venue profiles with different costs and facilities depending on your budget spend (also check out the reviews as there is lots you can learn from there as well).

Once you have completed this exercise (this truly is the biggest part of wedding planning) you then list down the 5 hotels that appeal most to you (for now you are solely dependent on the internet with the hotel findings and that’s okay).

3. Finding a wedding planner

This is another very important element to your wedding prep start up.  Now again, how do you make sure that you have the right fit here?  Yes, there are plenty of well scripted websites, tremendous write ups and work experience featured, visual marketing and the list can go on. 

As this is your second biggest part of the wedding planning, you got to tip toe with a focussed and serious manner in choosing your wedding planner.  To us, an efficient wedding planning company is one who is flexible with work that can make your life easier, is one who is transparent to give you the correct facts and knowledge and is one who will listen effectively to the vision you have in mind and then grow upon it.  So who may that be…well, we say, just like you have been serious with the venue finding exercise, the same goes with finding a wedding planner.  After speaking and having a few email discussions with each of the selected wedding planners, you will hit the nail on the right one!  It just happens and fits like a missing puzzle piece…you actually feel a sense of relief, comfortability and a certain happy beat of the heart once you’ve met the ideal one (if you do not feel these senses, you may have to go through this exercise once again from scratch and that’s still okay).

Most wedding planners will also suggest a selection of vendors, music performers, transport and logistics assistance, wedding trousseau shopping, wedding cake designers, photographers & videographers and varied wedding essentials that you have in mind.

You and your wedding planner will need to discuss and negotiate the costs, brain storm and share details, ideas and images with each other so that you both fully understand and are on the same page with the arrangements. Your wedding planner will work out a detailed element sheet with costing and image presentations just to ensure that you get to see their work and understand the scope of services they provide. 

We can safely say by covering the above 2 points, you are close to completion of   65% to 70% of work done under your belt. Viola! So much achieved.  These two major points should take around 1 and half months of research time to get the best and efficient outcome.

Now it’s time to make that much required trip to Goa. We at all times, suggest a face to face trip (2 days is decent time spent in the destination) and another 4 to 5 days to visit India for shopping on the other important wedding essentials.

4. The initial meeting where we like to call it “seeing is believing”.

Ensure that your wedding planner works on an initial itinerary prior to your initial visit to Goa. This itinerary should be shared with the bridal couple at least a week in advance (apart from a few telephone discussions, emails during the course) so that you fully understand the work involved during these days. The basic idea of this trip is that you cover all avenues e.g. visit to the hotels / venues, initial meeting with the shortlisted hotel vendors, a brief outline of the wedding planning and other wedding details. 

We have also noticed that 9 out of 10 times, on the last day of the initial meeting, the bridal couple would have ideally shortlisted their preferred hotel venues. That is how essential it is to have this initial face to face meeting because we believe that you must see it with your own eyes.


From here on, it is your wedding planner who will work on your behalf in consolidating the accommodation rates, working in close conjunction with the selected hotel venue and the vendors, passing relevant information and keeping you in the loop. Periodic scheduled telephone conversations, WhatsApp chat groups, Skype calls and exchange of emails are the mediums used to stay updated with bridal couples who are always ready and eager to know every step of the arrangements.

So this is how we, at Purple Truffle suggest you getting started! We hope the above points assist you with your Big Day prep and always remember…the early you start…the better is the information you gain!

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog!

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