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Fun, Entertainment with Mehendi

A fun time for all women and men folk… Although the wait, while henna paste is applied on the palms, hands and feet of women is time consuming, the intricate traditional Indian or Arabic designs are worth the wait. At times, the patterns of both the hands form one symmetrical beautiful design. The used of mehendi has been described in earliest Hindu Vedic ritual books. This practice is carried on till date in all Hindu wedding ceremonies.

Entertain your guests while the Mehendi ceremony is on. Have fun-filled games to grab the attention of your guests. Singing and dancing to the sounds of the ‘dhol’ are common during such occasions. Besides serving of delicious fun fare Indian chaat (hawker/street food), sizzling live counters and a sumptuous open buffet, one needs to complement it with loads of fun activities to make the event much enjoyable.


Mehendi ceremonies are celebrated lavishly. You could opt for an indoor seating or give it a fresh, outdoor feeling amidst the green landscape and huge open wide trees. You could call a day event or plan a ‘diya & bhatti’ mehendi evening. Bright colors adorn this event, you could choose from fushcia pink, to lemon green, crimson orange to bright yellows. Paper lanterns, colored umbrellas and assorted floral rings drop down from the ceiling to enhance the décor and fill it with a rich authentic look. And do not forget to include lots of marigold into the decor, both yellow and orange as these flowers offer a very symbolic feel.

Another element to add in would be family and group games, so that you engage all your guests to a feel of involvement and participation. Some of the games we suggest:-

1. Popular Bollywood Antakshari. This game has always been a hit and most of the times you can hurt your sides laughing at ‘uncalled for’ situations. Performing a mimicry or undergoing a penalty for crossing the lines is hilarious!! A must add on exercise for mehendi….I swear by this!!
2. For the foodies and dessert lovers, you can add in cuisine competitions. Only the brave and courageous stand up to this game. There is so much energy, so much competition going around; it is definitely a game to have on your list. For a much added effect, try a beer drinking competition…. it is fun galore…
3. Create floral arrangements as a game. Get the female guests involved in making flower garlands from marigolds in the shortest possible time. The longest garland takes the prize!
4. In a Mehendi ceremony, there is always some excess Mehendi… Have the guests try their hand at drawing designs on others…
5. Nowadays, with everyone having a mobile phone, have a competition where enthusiastic guests take photos of the bride. The best shot is the winner!
6. Have a game that is played by couples only. Each one has to narrate their love story. The best story takes it all!
7. For those who are more energetic, have a dhol playing competition. Have the guests take turns at beating the drums.
8. Have the best friends of the bride and groom enact out funny incidents in the life of the bridal couple; how they first met, first date, etc.
9. Select the best exquisite Mehendi design among the female folks. Don’t be biased towards your favorite bosom pal or your aunt!
10. You can have the host to nominate winners for the following humor packed awards:
A family member who is……
a. Selfie King/Queen
b. Most likely to be the next in line for tying the knot
c. Always late at any family event
11. Other vital elements to spice up your mehendi ceremony would be a fun loving, perky emcee, disc jockey, lots of subtle, romantic mood lighting (if it is an evening event), jazzy and vibrant centerpieces to decorate your table seating and voila!! You have the best party planned….EVER!

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