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For all you beautiful brides! How we plan your Destination Wedding!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and amidst the hullabaloo, you are surely going to get too tired to enjoy the celebrations. That would ruin not only the eternal pictures but also not let you enjoy your special day with your special someone.

Planning a wedding is a seemingly impossible feat to co-ordinate on your own, and you have heard everyone give you all the advice that only works you up – but with us by your side, there is absolutely nothing left for you to fret about. You can keep the great memories, the laughter and the tears of joy; we will take care of the rest for you.

The most important thing for us is to bring your personal vision to life. We take care of the minute, tiny detail; we work closely with both families of the couple so that we incorporate the best from both sides. We know how important this day is to you, and anything less than perfect is absolutely unacceptable- to you and to us.

With our experience and specialization, we know how to deal with any unforeseen circumstances and know how to handle anything- from a wardrobe malfunction to your favorite bridal entry track to a last minute absolute requirement…. We organize all kinds of events, and therefore are fully equipped to handle any curveball being thrown our way. Our excellent track record is maintained to instill your confidence in us!

Our team work, creativity and great organization skills is what we take pride in whilst we coordinate your wedding, so all you have to coordinate is the color of your outfits and manage the very important guest list & their flight bookings! We have a detailed checklist that we follow to the dot in order to get everything in proper order. Starting at the very basics, we first plan out the budget, move on to finding you the perfect venue, then develop your vision and bring your creativity into forms to experience. We consult you at every step to make sure things are exactly the way you would like them to be. Floral decor, fabric drapes and texture, color palettes to suit your personality, furniture alignment, the choice of centre pieces, the menu from snacks to cocktails to dinner- we have everything sorted. Everything that you forget while the stress takes over, we already have it planned perfectly.

With connections and building networks over the years, we work well with a varied set of vendors and venues and get you the best possible discounts and make sure you do not overspend, or rather make sure you spend in the right places. We follow up regular checks from time to time to ensure the reputation is as stainless as the cutlery at your wedding day celebrations.

We make detailed notes on how to organize everything just the way you want, we work hard on schedules and timelines, making sure everything right up to the wedding are all well timed.

Hiring a wedding planner is like having your very own PA in the world of weddings. You can have us help you as much as you want, whether it’s for a design consultation, budget planning, wedding day coordination or our full planning package. We understand that weddings are deeply personal by nature, and hence devote hours to this job of bringing everything that’s in your head to life.

Your wedding day happens once, hence, you should be present for it one 100%. Not only in the personal self but in the true and happy spirit! The greatest joy we derive from our work comes when we can see our bridal couples living every moment of their wedding day.  We believe ‘Your Wedding is a Wonderful Story…we help you create it!


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