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Cost of a Wedding Destination in Goa

Planning for a destination wedding in Goa? Got a million questions that keeps popping up in your head? Where do you start from here? 

We understand where you coming from! And why not! When Goa is such a perfect destination not only to tie the knot but as a tourist getaway, one can also combine a fabulous honeymoon post wedding. 


As a wedding planner based out of Goa, we do receive many enquiries on “Cost for a beach wedding in Goa” and it is amazing to see that every bridal couple has a long ‘wedding wish list’.  So, to help all you lovely bridal couples out there, we will list out a brief outline on the costs that may help you in planning your wedding budget in the best possible manner.


Let us take a rough cost for a group of 100 guests in a 5 – star hotel with meals over a 2 day period

Some of the popular beach facing hotels that fall in the 5 – star categories are ITC Goa, Taj Exotica, Leela, Zuri White Sands, Alila Diwa and The Lalit, whose prices range from Rs. 17,000 to Rs. 19,000 a night, with 3 meals and airport shuttle services included.  It is also important to note that during the monsoons, the same rates are down by 40% which is still a bonus to have your wedding in one of these plush and well known hotels.

So, for a 2 nights stay with a group block of 50 double rooms and 3 meals inclusive, you would require to budget your guest stay at Rs. 18,00,000/- lacs to Rs. 20,00,000/- lacs.


If you are looking to book any of the 4 – star and medium priced hotels, like Novotel Dona Sylvia, Bogmalo Beach Resort, Royal Orchid and Resort Rio, you would require to budget your guest stay at Rs. 11,00,000/- to Rs. 15,00,000/- with all inclusions

You must also bear in mind on the different venue rental costs, which are additional and  range between Rs. 1,25,000 lacs to 2,00,000 lacs per venue per event.

That is as far as the rooms, meals and venue rentals go….


Now we must look at the other important aspects to the wedding ie. décor /sound/ lighting/ florist/ live entertainment / mehndi artists / make-up artists and hair stylists / photographers and videographers right down to the smallest requirement, the main essentials ie. dholwalas / baraat brass band/ ghodi/safaas, the wedding cake, fireworks & pyros etc.  So let us break them down for you on an individual basis to give you a cost understanding.

Décor/Sound / Lighting & DJ entertainment for 2 days – comes under one banner where a rough estimate of Rs. 5,50,000 lacs to Rs. 7,00,000/- lacs for basic décor with little or less frills attached.  Should you wish to go for a more elaborate décor affair, you would require to keep an additional Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 2,00,000 lacs. Should you wish to skip the DJ and opt for a live band instead, consider a budget of Rs 90,000 to Rs 1,40,000 for a three hour shift.

Some of the best top and best Dj’s are DJ Ryan Nogar, DJ Vally and DJ Afroz

Mehndi artists – For a group of 100 guests, which would mean 50 to 60 ladies for mehndi, you would require to hire 3 – 4 artists to carry out this scope of work.  Each mehndi artist can cover 4 to 5 ladies within an hour on a 3 hour shift, so this should suffice.


With regards to the detailed bridal mehndi, we recommend getting this done the afternoon or evening prior to the start of the actual wedding events.

Bridal make-up artists & hair stylists – This scope of work ranges from the best make-up artists who will charge anywhere between Rs. 30,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per event. Also, bear in mind that for any early morning events (back to back events), you would need to provide the team with accommodation and meals, not necessarily in the same hotel but a close by hotel or motel walking distance to the venue should be good enough. 

There are quite a few other make-up artists who are pretty good at their work but charge moderate costs anywhere between Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- per event.

Here are some few best makeup artists who will make you look best at your special day: Sukanya Manerikar, Farah Khan and Ruksar.

Wedding Photographers/ Cinematography – It is best said to invest wisely on this important element which will be a lifelong memory.  Try not to negotiate bargains here especially when you are dealing with the best names in town!  The charges range from Rs. 3,25,000 to Rs. 4,00,000/- for a full package of their work over the 2 day period.

Wedding photographers who fall next in line and have a decent repute in the market should cost their services anywhere between Rs. 2,00,000/- to Rs. 3,00,000/- for a full package of their work over the 2 day period.

Checkout our best photographers Rahul de Cunha and Picsurely they do magic in their work.

For the rest of the other essentials, return gifts, welcome hampers, fireworks, you may want to hold on to a budget of Rs. 1,50,000/ to Rs. 2,50,000/-.

So to sum up the cost, we would say a total between Rs. 35,00,000 lacs to Rs. 50,00,000 lacs is what you should budget for.  There are smaller hotels and stand-alone wedding venues available for couples that have a smaller fixed budget.  It is also advisable that when going through the search process, you must seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and creative wedding planner as they are the experts in this field and will only accelerate the wedding arrangements in the right direction. Most of the professional wedding planners can handle Step 2 as a comprehensive package so that you do not have to deal with too many vendors yourself.

Have your own décor mood board ready and suggest a couple more from your wedding planner, so it is easy to mix and match the different décor designs. 


We are happy to have you request us for a complimentary consultation where our team of experts will take you on a step by step planning process and the cost inclusions.  Please call us on: 00 91 750 7221011 or on the office phone: 0091 832 2871366 to book your appointment. You can also email your queries at: creativeideas@purpletruffle.in  OR purpletruffle.in@gmail.com and we shall respond within a 24 hour period.

Let’s leave you with this thought, “You vision and our creativity, spells PERFECTION”.

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Pink has always been every girl’s favorite color and is the most alive and active color in the fashion world as we speak. The color ‘pink’ can be defined as soft texture, versatile, stylish, elegant, sophisticated and you can go on and on….the bottom line is the color ‘pink’ is still by far the most lovable of all colors. The different shades of ‘pink’ do have a story to tell, do have a personality trait to unveil and elates an extra dash of confidence in you!

So let’s look at some of the inspiring color palettes that we can mix and match with our title color ‘pink’ to bring out a unique wedding style, poise and charm and  create a luscious wedding palette.  We put together our favorite few color combos, for every wedding event, that every adorable bride should consider.

  1. Turquoise & Rose Pink – This beautiful color palette has been doing the rounds for quite a while and is seemingly a very refreshing and delicate color combination.  This color palette just happens to amazingly team up and is so right for a spring or summer outdoor wedding.

    Pic credits: Picsurely Studios, Mumbai

  2. Pista green with gold sequin & Salmon Pink – This color palette is a soft, pastel   color mix ideal for an engagement / ring ceremony.  This color combo is nature inspired and resembles a happy and joyous inspiration. You can try getting imaginative with adding in hint of gold sequins to bring in a stylish and classic look.

    Pic credits: Google

  3. Dusty Pink /Peach /Gold – I personally love this pastel and warm color tone in peach which is so special when you blend it in pink…especially if you are opting for a rustic wedding theme! If you want to really be bold and stand out, try contrasting your jewellery with some really fab new age chunky trends (Watch out for my next blog on “New age jewellery tends for every wedding event”)

  4. White/ Raspberry Pink / Rose pink – This combo is a highly flattering, lush & festive color palette, perfect for memorable events such as a wedding!  The color pink tells you of romance, of love and bet your florist will come up with so many floral ideas to cheer up the overall ambience!

  5. Aquamarine & Blush Pink – This color shade of blue is such a cool and summery color and is flattering when paired with pink.  This color combo is getting pretty serious with most brides and could be contending to make waves this season! Also, have to admit it is a pretty elegant and flawless color combo to the eye!

    Pic credits: Rahul De Cunha Pictures

  6. Royal Blue & Rose Pink – This color inspiration is bold, classic and sophisticated.  It works beautifully when complemented with a strong and confident personality.  Not everyone can carry the Royal Blue, it’s for the bride who is all set to display her confidence and oomph factor! This color palette is deep, gorgeous and leaves an unforgettable memory!

    Pic credits: Google

  7. Ivory/ Sea Blue  / Pastel Pink – This embodiment of blue and pink when coming together depicts a highly versatile, unconventional look and when it blends with ivory, the end result is a sleeker and svelte feel to the overall color palette.  Today’s modern brides are turning to explore color palettes such as this!

    Pic credits: Google

This sums us our favorite topic on the color ‘pink’.  We hope that our thoughts and ideas put together in this article will  assist you in some little way of looking to mix and blend your wedding colors so that every color you choose and implement during  your “ I DO’S” moment is enhanced, inspired, cherished and loved by all present at your wedding.  Do tell us what you think in the comment box below.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, your dreams!

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For all you beautiful brides! How we plan your Destination Wedding!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and amidst the hullabaloo, you are surely going to get too tired to enjoy the celebrations. That would ruin not only the eternal pictures but also not let you enjoy your special day with your special someone.

Planning a wedding is a seemingly impossible feat to co-ordinate on your own, and you have heard everyone give you all the advice that only works you up – but with us by your side, there is absolutely nothing left for you to fret about. You can keep the great memories, the laughter and the tears of joy; we will take care of the rest for you.

The most important thing for us is to bring your personal vision to life. We take care of the minute, tiny detail; we work closely with both families of the couple so that we incorporate the best from both sides. We know how important this day is to you, and anything less than perfect is absolutely unacceptable- to you and to us.

With our experience and specialization, we know how to deal with any unforeseen circumstances and know how to handle anything- from a wardrobe malfunction to your favorite bridal entry track to a last minute absolute requirement…. We organize all kinds of events, and therefore are fully equipped to handle any curveball being thrown our way. Our excellent track record is maintained to instill your confidence in us!

Our team work, creativity and great organization skills is what we take pride in whilst we coordinate your wedding, so all you have to coordinate is the color of your outfits and manage the very important guest list & their flight bookings! We have a detailed checklist that we follow to the dot in order to get everything in proper order. Starting at the very basics, we first plan out the budget, move on to finding you the perfect venue, then develop your vision and bring your creativity into forms to experience. We consult you at every step to make sure things are exactly the way you would like them to be. Floral decor, fabric drapes and texture, color palettes to suit your personality, furniture alignment, the choice of centre pieces, the menu from snacks to cocktails to dinner- we have everything sorted. Everything that you forget while the stress takes over, we already have it planned perfectly.

With connections and building networks over the years, we work well with a varied set of vendors and venues and get you the best possible discounts and make sure you do not overspend, or rather make sure you spend in the right places. We follow up regular checks from time to time to ensure the reputation is as stainless as the cutlery at your wedding day celebrations.

We make detailed notes on how to organize everything just the way you want, we work hard on schedules and timelines, making sure everything right up to the wedding are all well timed.

Hiring a wedding planner is like having your very own PA in the world of weddings. You can have us help you as much as you want, whether it’s for a design consultation, budget planning, wedding day coordination or our full planning package. We understand that weddings are deeply personal by nature, and hence devote hours to this job of bringing everything that’s in your head to life.

Your wedding day happens once, hence, you should be present for it one 100%. Not only in the personal self but in the true and happy spirit! The greatest joy we derive from our work comes when we can see our bridal couples living every moment of their wedding day.  We believe ‘Your Wedding is a Wonderful Story…we help you create it!


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5 Reasons to have a Destination Beach Wedding in Goa!


Goa beach weddings are a dream for everyone, and with us as your event organizers in Goa, you are absolutely sorted. We are the best party organizers in Goa, and if you want our recommendation on a wedding resort in Goa, we are your one-stop destination.

If there are two things no one can say no to, it is tropical getaways and love. And to experience the two of them at the same time would be a dream come true. India’s favorite tropical getaway, with warm sand and a setting sun has to be Goa, so wouldn’t a destination wedding in Goa just be the best thing?

Here are 5 reasons you should have a beach wedding in Goa instead of a regular set-up!

  • It is a much more intimate affair.
    When you organize a destination wedding, one thing you can be certain of is that all people who are important to you will be there at all times to attend every event. The people you’re closest with will make the journey, and you’ll end up with an exclusive group of people that you actually want to spend time with. You will get to spend more time with your loved ones and have fun along the way with the right crowd of people. In this way, you get to pay attention and spend quality time with the guests who mean a lot to you at your wedding!
  • You will start your honeymoon early!
    What could be better than getting a pre-honeymoon honeymoon? Absolutely nothing! With a destination as beautiful as Goa for your wedding, you will feel relaxed and stress-free even before you set out with your spouse. You will not need to wait for the family festivities to get over so that you can hop on a plane to spend time with your beau, you can spend as much time with them as possible, talk all the time, enjoy the beach waves with your feet in the sand, watch the sunset and make sand castles- and all of this before your actual honeymoon has even begun!
  • An Adventure for your friends!
    It will be such a wonderful delight to announce to all your friends and well-wishers the moment you tell them you are going to have a destination wedding, and when you tell them it’s a beach wedding in Goa they will be shrieking in joy for days! With a wedding resort in Goa, and with the best event organizers by your side, you can be rest assured that your guests are going to love your wedding arrangements just as much as you are. You can also oscillate from your family to your friends to your spouse-to-be, and you are sure to have the biggest adventure ever that will never end. With all the beautiful churches and beaches and the Goan food, nothing could compete with this experience.
  • Spend wisely; save nicely
    There is a huge misconception that destination weddings can make a hole in the purse, which is really not true. On the contrary, having your destination wedding in Goa can actually save you money on a couple of elements. As your wedding in already based in a spectacular setting, you can save money on opting for minimal yet a graceful wedding decor. The scenic ocean, wide sandy landscape and the clear blue skies makes for an amazing backdrop and trust us; it doesn’t take much to dress it up. If the venue already has some moderate mood lighting structured in, all you need is to arrange is strong lighting to brighten up the area so this becomes a cost saver too. A simple floral decoration and modest accents will make your wedding the most insta-worthy event of the year, and with one of the best wedding planners in Goa, everything will look like it is straight out of a fairytale.
  • Create unique wedding memories!
    You only get married once and you cannot live with the regret of having missed the only opportunity to have had a grand, but also cost effective destination wedding, so you must be proactive and make this call. Imagine you getting married in true nature inspired theme amidst the people you actually care to have around and having all of these memories captured in your wedding photos to last a life time memory. The fun, the Mehndi & Sangeet, the after parties, the beach mandap in scenic, picturesque locations….you can visualize in your mind’s eye…the beauty and serenity of this thought. And how often do you have the opportunity to spend no-rush quality time with friends from far away, all lost in the busy schedules of life? This is your chance to make your wedding memorable not only for yourself but also for the special people in your life.

If you are still in doubt or pondering on the thought, give us a call so that we may be able to answer some of your questions and give you a perspective. We at Purple Truffle Event Planners have a dedicated and well informed team, which will ensure an honest and frank discussion with you during the initial phase. Your special day will be our attention to every detail that we put forward on your beautiful Big Day!

All the Instagram worthy photos will live on to tell the tale of your precious destination wedding in Goa!

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The Wedding Checklist

Planning your wedding day!

Usually, we aren’t allowed to freak out. Our friends calm us down and our peers tell us to focus, since freaking out doesn’t help much in any situation involving high pressure. However, some situations can’t be handled without a heart pulsating so fast it’s the only thing you can hear. And the perfect example of a situation like that is planning a wedding.

So how do you keep your cool, or at least try, when you’ve got a wedding to plan? Well here is a checklist that will help you keep track of your progress through the heart-wrenching adventure:-

  • Pick a date
  • Work out a target budget
  • Start working on your guest list
  • Research a wedding destination of your choice and book well in advance
  • Begin your wedding photographer search
  • Start shopping for attire for yourself and others
  • Look for a caterer/food arrangement
  • Send save the dates, a new way of doing this is over email, but receiving them in the mail has its own charm to it!
  • Find the right wedding invitation for you
  • Decide what kind of music do you want
  • Research your wedding planner who fits your comfortability pattern
  • Decide what kind of wedding cake do you want
  • Research hair and make-up artists
  • Get a trail run of your attire, hair and make up
  • Book a photographer/videographer as per your needs
  • Finalize your guest-list and send the invitations
  • Book the florist, decorator and coordinator for the date
  • Wedding rings must be in order
  • Finalize your rehearsal dinner
  • Research your local marriage license, civil union, and domestic partnership rules
  • Work on your wedding vows
  • Write thank-you notes for gifts you might receive
  • Finalize your menu
  • Finalize your music and playlist
  • Create a ceremony outline
  • Create a wedding timeline
  • Schedule final trails and fittings for your perfect look
  • Confirm all rentals
  • Get a wedding license
  • Get a final count of your guests
  • Ensure all requires clothes/accessories are ready to go
  • Put up final payments and advance payments wherever needed

Once this part is done, viola! You have got half the job complete. Hiring a wedding planner who fits your requirements at the start of your planning stage is crucial.  This will give you time to concentrate on the guest list, flight bookings and personal wedding shopping.

Enjoy the very special day that marks the beginning of a new phase of your life with your partner, enjoy and live in the moment! 

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Choosing your destination wedding planner

Well it is final now!! You have decided to tie the knot with your handsome Prince Charming on the sandy shores of Goa… and the next step would be to look out for a wedding planner who will skillfully guide you throughout the entire process of carrying out the wedding ceremony smoothly. Someone who will manage the hospitality logistics, décor designs, arranging live performers and artists and the little absolute essentials required to make your wedding spectacular. You can rid yourself of the headache and stress and concentrate on the other important elements such as your guest list, airline bookings and wedding trousseau which are also considered equally important.

So how do you go about the selection of a right wedding planner?  You start from the comfort of your home with a simple click of the mouse….. and voila! There are ample wedding planners to choose from, but a few are excellent at what they do. With a huge list of wedding planners to skim through on Google, here are a few tips to narrow down to a good destination wedding planner.

Firstly browse through the websites of the different wedding planning companies that Google provides you with. You may wish to short list a few after checking them out. An updated website is always rated higher and favored by all. Blog posts with huge fan following/ interested audience is a true indicator of the popularity of the wedding planner. A wedding planner who blogs regularly is valued in the market due to the vast knowledge he/she displays on the blogs. Read the testimonials and reviews from past clients. Positive remarks/referrals from previous clientele always place the wedding planner at a greater advantage of securing more business offers. Make a few calls if you happen to know anyone who has had their wedding organized by this wedding planner. Give an ear to what they have to comment and listen to the details. First-hand experiences are worth listening to. They provide valuable insights into:

  • Is the wedding planner doing as what is expected of him/her?
  • Is he/she trying to extort large sums of payment for work not done?
  • Is he/she open to suggestions and creative ideas? Does he/she enforce his/her views upon you?
  • Does he/she organize your special day within the said budget?
  • Does he/she give you value for your money spent?
  • Is he/she someone you can trust, can depend on?

There are also some very popular wedding planning websites available to check out just about everything connected to weddings, including different destination wedding planners.  Today the internet has made it so simple for us to get the best value for our money spent with a huge bunch of information made available just on our finger tips.

Always remember, choose someone you can trust and work with closely.  It is very important that you clearly share your ideas in detail with your wedding planner for the best outcome.  Your communication builds up, ideas are being brainstormed, and your wedding planner will eventually become a part of your family as the wedding celebrations fall nearer.  Do follow the steps above and you will be on your way to a spectacular and gorgeous wedding celebration!

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Sand, Baja And Baraat: Plan A Destination Wedding In Goa

Dreaming of a destination wedding is something that is not even a unique choice anymore with all the fancy stuff we see on our silver screens. The grand wedding that Aditi had in Ye Jawani Hai Deewani is something that left an imprint on all of our minds. With television shows like Band Baja Baarat and Big Fat Wedding telecasting entire weddings from how the couple met, their families and backgrounds, wedding planning, etc, there is no way you cannot imagine yourself there. If you’ve loved beaches and imagined of living by one or if you want to fill your wedding with the soothing and inspiring Boho beach vibes, a destination wedding in Goa is the thing for you!

Let’s begin by planning where in Goa first so you can choose from the resorts or hotels available in and around the place.

STAY: South Goa, in general, has fewer people visiting and so has cleaner beaches. Various events and weddings are organized in the south part of the city as most 5-star hotel chains like Taj, Leela, Hyatt, Radisson, Holiday Inn, Alila Diwa, Ramada, Zuri etc have their properties there. which provides a variety of venues for wedding festivities uniquely done as per one’s taste. South Goa has these resorts that happen to have halls, outdoor areas, mandaps, and rooms very apt for everything you would want for your wedding.

North Goa has more tourists spots and fewer resorts or luxury hotels. It is mostly crowded as most of the tourist spots of Goa are in the North. You can never get bored in a place like North Goa as one can find many people chilling at the nearby shacks, pubs or just riding motorbikes down the road. Hippy is the unsaid culture. Beachside luxury Resorts are barely a few but the small nice banquet Hotels and inns are abundant.

Look for a place that fulfills a venue for each one of your functions so that you won’t have to transport people from one place to another. You choose from a resort or a villa for better options.

Finest Wedding Venues in Goa:

1. Alila Diwa

Listed as one of the top wedding resorts in Goa, Alila Diwa has 3 outdoor wedding venues and 2 indoor venues that is 5 in total. Alila Diwa is famous for it’s attention to detail in a function. The staff is adept at providing swift services and making sure that the arrangements are customized according to the demands of the couple that is getting married. The lookout for wedding venues in South Goa start from here and end here.

2. Prianha Beach Resort

Weddings at Prainha are intimate and romantic. The ceremony is held against the breathtaking backdrop of the Arabian Sea. The Resort has a couple of lawn venues for your wedding reception and with its semi-private cove you can also throw a small beach party if the tide is good. There have within in 4 wedding venues – one overlooking the Arabian Sea, another is a poolside lawn, the third one is a semi-private beach and the 4th venue is a mini-disco with a dance floor. This beach resort has sea-view cottages where you guests can have a very peaceful stay.

3. The Zuri White Sands Resort Goa

With sprawling event lawns and state-of-the-art banquet halls, it isnt a surprise that the Zuri White Sands Resort is one of the most popular wedding destinations in Goa. The beach touch property is host to many of the big fat Indian destination weddings in Goa. This resort is on the shore of the Longest beach in Goa. There are two wedding halls in The Zuri – Unicorn hall and Oyester Hall. It also serves delectable Pan-Asian cuisines and Goan cuisines to its guests.

4. Grand Hyatt Resort

This 5-star property in Goa in the heart of Goa is spread across 28 acres of sprawling lawns and lush green gardens with the view of the Bambolim Bay. This brand is tagged as one of the best hotels in Goa. Complemented by large-spaced banquet halls to hold marriage ceremonies.  Grand in scale, service and attention, the function rooms are designed to offer several venue options and decor themes for large weddings as well as intimate family functions. With an option of 3 wedding venues in this hotel to choose from, there is no shortage of wedding venues in Goa when you visit this Grand hotel.

5. Reis Magos Fort

Goa wedding planners are adamant on choosing this venue since this is a historical site build in 1551 by the Portuguese rulers.  Grand in scale, service and attention, the function rooms are designed to offer several venue options and decor themes for large weddings as well as intimate family functions. The wedding packages provided by the Reis Magos Fort are feasible. They have a waterfront venue and they have a outdoor courtyard venue that they provide specifically for weddings. The halls are provided frequently for art exhibitions, workshops and small events. This is one of the best wedding venues in North Goa, Bardez if you’re looking out to stay in the Northern Part of Goa.

6. Bogmallo Beach Resort

The Bogmallo Beach Resort, one of the very first luxury resorts in Goa is nestled on the secluded white sands of Bogmalo beach and is located just 10 minutes from the airport. If you want a small gathering or a big wedding in Goa then this is the place you need to come to. With splendid outdoor lawns and banquet halls and the backdrop of the beautiful sea, the Bogmallo Beach Resort is an ideal venue for wedding events, parties, cocktail dinners and get-togethers. The Bogmallo Beach Resort has proven to be one of the most unique, beautiful and guest-friendly resorts in Goa.

There are many beaches in Goa that you could go to in the day for relaxing before the cocktail at night. – The top 18 beaches in Goa that are worth going to.

PRO TIP: While having bulk orders, resorts and hotels tend to be generous especially if you ask. If you guarantee them a specific number of people, they sometimes offer one of the halls for a function free or give laundry on the house. Discounts are usually given out on bulk orders like these. You can save up in many areas but this is one thing people don’t usually compromise on as you have guests flying over for many miles just to be at your wedding. You would want them to have a fabulous time. Although you sure can save up by adding extra bedding in rooms having couples with kid(s).

For a destination wedding, keep the attendance short with only the closest people to you there. This way there won’t be too many unnecessary formalities and pleasing. You can provide for the guests to be picked up from the nearest railway stations and airports and be escorted to the venue. Assuming 150-250 guests flying down at their own costs lodging in a decent resort would cost you around 25k including lunch and dinner per night for a room. For of the approximate 200 guests, you’ll need 100 rooms which would come to around 25 Lakhs.


There are so many restaurants in Goa that specialize in different cuisines and form a different league in Goa for their specific cuisines.  These are the 14 best restaurants in Goa you can go to have that perfect meal while you are on vacation




  • You can have as many functions as you want but the focus should be on quality instead of quantity. Try to incorporate your individuality and uniqueness in every ceremony that you plan. Try to keep only 2 to 3 functions for the destination and you can plan others locally in your area.

  • You can build the itinerary in a way so that the guests arrive during the check-in time with you arranging for breakfast. The same day you can have the Cocktail night. Assuming, The following day would be a Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony and finally, the last day would be Haldi and then the wedding. You can come back and give a reception for the long lost relatives and other people in your hometown.



Try and use props and other trendy ideas like photobooths, hashtags, sashes, posters to add funkiness to the traditionality. You could follow a theme and ask your guests to dress accordingly and make the venue thematic too. Given that you’re making a destination wedding happen, you can incorporate various ideas from the Boho culture of the beach city. Further, you can have a bachelors’ party or bachelorette there too. Having a bachelors in Goa makes perfect sense since Goa is the party capital of the country anyway. So you kill two birds with one arrow. The best options to have your bachelor party in would be the nightclubs in Goa, Here is a list –  :  Nightlife In Goa: 15 Best Nightclubs to Witness The Party Scene In The Best Possible Way


It will be better and more economical and feasible to incorporate the local culture of the place. for instance, invite Goa’s local bands and musicians to play at the sangeet. They will not cost you more than 50k to 1 lakh. Previously when India wasn’t a very popular spot for destination weddings, it was difficult to find various arrangements and amenities to make a destination wedding happen. Courtesy the advancement in this industry by various hoteliers, suppliers, event managers and decor industries, now Goa amongst many other states is very apt for even the most culturally diverse weddings. From the white horse and typical Shehnai to the Palki and Dholaks,everything is now available locally in Goa.


Use the local cuisine, dishes and the regional drinks in your food menu and import only the stuff that is necessary as this will save the cost of transporting. As for the decor of the functions use local flowers –  c’mon all flowers are pretty. The decoration is one area where you can save up the most.


We are assuming that guests are paying for their own flights. Travel in Goa is really expensive, especially with cabs. Your near and dear ones who’d be flying from so many places would expect a nice vacation time given the picturesque beach setting, wine, and all so fine set up with their loved ones. If you do plan on going around the city – try traveling together in a bus or in a vehicle that fits more people, that way you coordinate better and also cut the costs.




The question is not really about organizing things in the way you’ve imagined them, it’s about making sure they happen that way too and being ready for some glitches. For that matter, you might want to hire a wedding planner or some external help. That will, of course, cost you a little more than you would’ve thought but this can ensure that everything runs smoothly. Though if you feel that you or somebody close like a friend or sibling can take the task responsibly, do consider.


You wouldn’t, of course, forget the cameraman and video personnel but here’s what all new you try with them. Pre-wedding shoots are a different category but you can pick up ideas from there for ‘the day’. Use candid photography as much as possible as those are pictures that become the most memorable and cute by capturing the moment just as it is. You can probably use a drone to capture different angles. Photography costs can go up to 2 lakhs depends on what you wish to include.

As for the dresses, lehengas, tuxedos, sherwanis, heels and all other things, make sure you have somebody to go around with the checklist, as you would already have a lot to keep you distracted. MUA and other artists working for the wedding should be taken good care of too if you really want quality work for your wedding. The miscellaneous expenses like for the MUA, Mehendi artist, wedding planner keep aside 2-3 lakhs.

What is the cost of a Wedding in Goa?

All in all a destination wedding in Goa can cost around 40 lakh rupees. The budget of a wedding in Goa can be anywhere around 20 L to 50 L depending upon how much you’re willing to spend and what your needs and expenses are.

List Of Best Wedding Planners In Goa

Event planners in Goa and event planners anywhere else in the country will make it much easier for you to organize and manage a wedding on a large scale or a small scale and make sure the things you want at your wedding are up to the mark.

Goa Fashion is very Boho, the outfits you can wear there are varied and stylish.Read our blog post on what to wear in Goa.

Points to ponder on

  • Make sure that the leftover food and other things are not wasted and rather given to someone who is actually needy. They will give you the real blessings you need for a happily married life.
  • Use artificial flowers as that are very not wasteful. Further, you can also reuse them for another function of the wedding.
  • Use paper or jute bags for the return gifts. They not only look classy but are environment-friendly. Your wedding shouldn’t be an excuse for wasteful and unheld behavior.

With all that planning and eagerness, trust your gut and take a leap of faith. This day will be more glorifying and satisfying than you would’ve thought. Just let your partner and your energies coincide with this beautiful union. It will be grand!

Blog by : Magicpin

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Cinderella – Seeking a Destination Wedding on a budget!

        Cinderella:                Oh my dear wedding planner!

                                                Can you grant me an elegant décor?

                                                So that I can have a regal wedding?

                                                Where I shall marry my Prince Charming!


                                                I have nothing but a few gold coins left…

                                               And I dearly love my Prince Fair,

                                               With whom all of my life I want to share…


Wedding Planner:      Ah… my lovely lady Cinderella!

                                              You wish and you wish, and how you wish.

                                              A wedding for all your relatives and friends,

                                             A wedding grand but with a lesser expense,

                                            No need for gold coins, but just a few pence…

 Granted is your wish, to marry and you don’t have to be rich; all you must possess is a heart filled with love desire, for the one you truly admire!!

Are you having a stringent budget spend for your wedding? How much are you willing to afford to spend on your wedding? Where do I find the right wedding planner who will work with my budget? Well, these are the questions you will find a few brides looking out for a response.

And you are not alone!

The key to managing a budget wedding is in hiring the right wedding planner for your big day. Have an open discussion about the amount you are willing to spend, your expectations on the décor designs and event theme you require.  You will be surprised that there are loads of innovative and less expensive ideas to pick from and incorporate them into your events.


We list down a few of these ideas to for you:-


1. Location & Timing – Select the kind of wedding you have always desired…the fairy tale you have continuously played in your mind….a beach wedding, a Maharaja theme or just great open air venues reaching out to the vast open sky.  Decide on the time of year for your big day, the lesser peak periods, monsoons are the best times to avail of the special discounts on flight and hotel bookings.  Most hotels exempt a venue rental fee during off peak periods.

2. Avoid a huge guest list.  Opt for an intimate gathering involving main families and friends who are really important to you and mean well.  For their presence to your big day is a definite must!

3. Look out for people in your families that come with a talent and can use that help towards your wedding day, instead of using vendor services.  Some of the members of your family or friends you have grown up with could have a musical talent, others may be budding photographers / videographers or one such creative Master of Ceremony…all such useful help is welcome.

4. Go minimalistic on the food and try to have a decent, inexpensive, well balanced buffet spread.  It is vital that the food should be of presentable quality and the taste authentic and delicious.  Food is a very important element in a wedding, so you must ensure that this is well thought and well planned.

5. Stick to basic floral arrangements on your décor and keep flowers as minimum as possible.  This will bring the cost down in a big way.  There are florists these days that cater to paper and fabric flowers and they look wonderful too.

6. Restrict your alcohol beverage consumption for certain events at your wedding.  This element is one big expense at every wedding and one should be wise in order to work around with the consumption.  Instead of opting for a full open bar, you can save money by offering beer and wine, or a free cocktail hour followed by a cash bar.  Another option would be to offer a full open bar with standard liquors like vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey, plus a few mixers and soft drinks like sodas and juice.

7. Opt for elements that come on a complimentary basis from the venue host, rather than having to rent them with a charge for your wedding e.g. a golf cart for bhaarat instead of a ‘ghodi’, chairs, tables and table overlays provided by the venue, look for venues that have a strong and secure lighting rather than having to rent additional lighting hired from outside….there are actually quite a few things that one can save on when using the elements the venue offers for free.

8. Plan well….sit down with your wedding planner for it is very important that you plan well and much in advance.  List down everything you can think of, involve family and close friends to use their talent in your wedding events and seek the expert advice.  Your wedding planner will then collate the information given by you and will work around your stipulated budget to ensure that all elements are well covered.


You are still the Cinderella of your handsome Prince Charming. Remember, you don’t need a huge budget to plan an amazing wedding. So, don’t let the figure scare you! Sit back once you have decided on the amount you are willing to spend and brain storm with your destination wedding planner.  Your wedding planner will then take on from there and work on an exclusive custom made product with suggested ideas that will work for the budget you have in mind.


Happy wedding planning…my dearest Cinderella!! You deserve the very best on your joyous wedding day!!


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Love…Romance…A Wedding!

The golden yellow rays of the sun dipping in the calm oceans of our sunny beach in Colva, South of Goa… Coconut palms whispering to the excited tourists Goan mandos and dulpods… Ice-cream vendors luring young kids to buy their creamy cones, hawkers in nearby corners selling their wares….  And there she was! Jasmine was in awe of her scenic surroundings. She waited eagerly for George, her college sweetheart to return back to the shores after dipping his toes in the salty sea waters. The lanky athletic man in his early 30’s had swept her off her feet and Jasmine found herself cocooned in dreams of life-long love and pure passion.  It was hearts pounding and the initial attraction of both hearts. George had adopted the classic ‘bending on one knee presenting a stunning engagement ring’ asking for her hand in marriage. That was just the day before! And she happily had said ‘Yes’ to him engulfed by a sea of emotions that shook the very core of her being.

Beating heart, the lovey-dovey look, the glow in their eyes, the radiant skin, and the tremulous voice spoke volumes of their love for each other. George had befriended Jasmine in her college days, and as the years passed, their relationship had grown much stronger. Although George had a short two year stint in the UK, they had managed to keep in touch with each other through phone calls and Skype. Having found a decent job in a reputed local company after his brief UK stint, George had pushed his luck a little further and had proposed to his ladylove. Eight years of courtship! A big fat wedding was on their cards! Such are the fairy-tale stories of many couples.

Love and romance, a universal feeling that grips couples of all ages culminates in a life-long relationship of sharing, caring and bearing. It knows no barriers of race, caste, creed, age, religion, etc. I have witnessed many emotional and special moments of such wonderful in – love couples. Inter-caste marriages, inter-religious ceremonies, inter-nationality weddings, marriages where there exists mostly a gap of few years or at times a decade or more. What a beautiful feeling to be wrapped in the arms of the man whom you love, and the one who accepts you the way you are. It doesn’t matter to him if you are working or a home-maker, fair skinned or tanned, with defects or without, health problems or whatever… He loves you a million times more than he may express. He knows the depths of your soul and reads every mood of yours to nuances in your mundane life.

A journey full of joyous moments and sorrows that life may throw at you…. Braving the odds together in raising troublesome teenagers, caring for old in-laws, managing career concerns, and building a home filled with love, warmth, understanding, trust, honesty, humility, hard work, and dedication is a spiritual exercise in itself.

Don’t deny love if you meet it face-to-face! To love and to be loved add great richness to one’s life.  Some meetings may happen by chance, while others could be a match making or double dating through friends, while still others may find their love at the workplace or the next-door handsome hunk or as most of us now meet over the internet, dating websites, online chat groups….and the list goes on.  You never know when the Cupid decides to aim his arrows at you! Jump the marriage bandwagon and join the trillions and trillions of happily married couples the world over.

Cause love and romance always triumphs….and then its plans for a BIG DAY celebrations!!

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Rustic Countryside – A Destination Wedding

Rustic weddings have been ever so popular and has become a pretty broad term with most couples opting for this natural, earth based theme décor .  Rustic weddings are more suited to the outdoor environment, amidst greenery, like you’re kissing nature.  A Rustic wedding has a ‘Casual Feel’, deep earth-tone colors, incorporating wooden elements such as barrels, crates, logs and tons of nature based details.  Heavy wooden and stone elements is a main feature not forgetting mason jars with wild flowers, warm golden fairy lights, wooden signage’s, candle’s form the highlight of this hot trendy theme décor !  Today we hope to inspire you with some of our rustic wedding ideas that you can customize and make your Big Day a very special one!

RUSTIC MIX – A combination of earthy, natural tones mixed with blush pink or bottle mango green is a fabulous color mix.  My personal favorite is blending the above colors with a warm shade of gold as a base to bring out the natural rustic charm.  Chalkboards or wooden signage’s are a must, so use as many as you can, the writing’s on them bring in the quirkiness and fun in the party.  As we get into the evening mood, the lighting and ambiance takes over, just ensure you have loads of warm fairy lights creeping over wooden pillars and highlighting garden shrubs all around the venue

TRUE NATURAL CANDLE LIGHT Rustic is all about staying natural and being inspired by nature based elements and candle light is one of them! Candles fill up the venue with that soft romantic glow.  Have thick candles in cylinder jars, floating candles on your centrepieces and candles in lanterns to highlight the pathway entrance. Add flowers, leaves and pebbles to the décor and voila! You have created a rustic masterpiece!

MAKING USE OF BURLAPS, WOODEN LOGS AND MASON JARS – These elements are a great addition in setting the neutral and natural rustic feel to the event. Include burlaps as chair tie backs, table runners or table covers.  Wooden log slices act as great centrepiece base, I always ensure this is a must for our rustic theme décor. Local wild flowers in Mason jars turn out to be a remarkable element to complete your rustic theme.

INCLUDE SPARKLERS OR A BONFIRE TO BRING OUT THE RUSTIC COUNTRY FEEL –To further enhance its authenticity, natural fire in a subdued form is like bringing your rustic theme to life.  And besides it all, these elements make great photography….moments to capture for years and years as memories to cherish.

AND LAST….FINDING THE RIGHT VENUE – Ideally an outdoor, nature based green landscaped venue, a few trees around would be even better, a barn like venue also welcome. Choose an open, relaxed and soft venue that will suit the rustic theme you have opted for your wedding. Ensure that you have lots of nature inspired elements around.  Another important element to use for a rustic theme is ‘Rope’.  I try and wrap bottle jars, buckets, hanging lanterns with rope as this is a budget friendly item and blends with the earthy rustic look.

Hope you do get inspired to try some of the rustic theme ideas and let us know your comments.  You might just step on a few more ideas to enhance the rustic them, do keep us updated, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time….happy wedding planning!


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