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Cinderella – Seeking a Destination Wedding on a budget!

        Cinderella:                Oh my dear wedding planner!

                                                Can you grant me an elegant décor?

                                                So that I can have a regal wedding?

                                                Where I shall marry my Prince Charming!


                                                I have nothing but a few gold coins left…

                                               And I dearly love my Prince Fair,

                                               With whom all of my life I want to share…


Wedding Planner:      Ah… my lovely lady Cinderella!

                                              You wish and you wish, and how you wish.

                                              A wedding for all your relatives and friends,

                                             A wedding grand but with a lesser expense,

                                            No need for gold coins, but just a few pence…

 Granted is your wish, to marry and you don’t have to be rich; all you must possess is a heart filled with love desire, for the one you truly admire!!

Are you having a stringent budget spend for your wedding? How much are you willing to afford to spend on your wedding? Where do I find the right wedding planner who will work with my budget? Well, these are the questions you will find a few brides looking out for a response.

And you are not alone!

The key to managing a budget wedding is in hiring the right wedding planner for your big day. Have an open discussion about the amount you are willing to spend, your expectations on the décor designs and event theme you require.  You will be surprised that there are loads of innovative and less expensive ideas to pick from and incorporate them into your events.


We list down a few of these ideas to for you:-


1. Location & Timing – Select the kind of wedding you have always desired…the fairy tale you have continuously played in your mind….a beach wedding, a Maharaja theme or just great open air venues reaching out to the vast open sky.  Decide on the time of year for your big day, the lesser peak periods, monsoons are the best times to avail of the special discounts on flight and hotel bookings.  Most hotels exempt a venue rental fee during off peak periods.

2. Avoid a huge guest list.  Opt for an intimate gathering involving main families and friends who are really important to you and mean well.  For their presence to your big day is a definite must!

3. Look out for people in your families that come with a talent and can use that help towards your wedding day, instead of using vendor services.  Some of the members of your family or friends you have grown up with could have a musical talent, others may be budding photographers / videographers or one such creative Master of Ceremony…all such useful help is welcome.

4. Go minimalistic on the food and try to have a decent, inexpensive, well balanced buffet spread.  It is vital that the food should be of presentable quality and the taste authentic and delicious.  Food is a very important element in a wedding, so you must ensure that this is well thought and well planned.

5. Stick to basic floral arrangements on your décor and keep flowers as minimum as possible.  This will bring the cost down in a big way.  There are florists these days that cater to paper and fabric flowers and they look wonderful too.

6. Restrict your alcohol beverage consumption for certain events at your wedding.  This element is one big expense at every wedding and one should be wise in order to work around with the consumption.  Instead of opting for a full open bar, you can save money by offering beer and wine, or a free cocktail hour followed by a cash bar.  Another option would be to offer a full open bar with standard liquors like vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey, plus a few mixers and soft drinks like sodas and juice.

7. Opt for elements that come on a complimentary basis from the venue host, rather than having to rent them with a charge for your wedding e.g. a golf cart for bhaarat instead of a ‘ghodi’, chairs, tables and table overlays provided by the venue, look for venues that have a strong and secure lighting rather than having to rent additional lighting hired from outside….there are actually quite a few things that one can save on when using the elements the venue offers for free.

8. Plan well….sit down with your wedding planner for it is very important that you plan well and much in advance.  List down everything you can think of, involve family and close friends to use their talent in your wedding events and seek the expert advice.  Your wedding planner will then collate the information given by you and will work around your stipulated budget to ensure that all elements are well covered.


You are still the Cinderella of your handsome Prince Charming. Remember, you don’t need a huge budget to plan an amazing wedding. So, don’t let the figure scare you! Sit back once you have decided on the amount you are willing to spend and brain storm with your destination wedding planner.  Your wedding planner will then take on from there and work on an exclusive custom made product with suggested ideas that will work for the budget you have in mind.


Happy wedding planning…my dearest Cinderella!! You deserve the very best on your joyous wedding day!!


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