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Choosing your destination wedding planner

Well it is final now!! You have decided to tie the knot with your handsome Prince Charming on the sandy shores of Goa… and the next step would be to look out for a wedding planner who will skillfully guide you throughout the entire process of carrying out the wedding ceremony smoothly. Someone who will manage the hospitality logistics, décor designs, arranging live performers and artists and the little absolute essentials required to make your wedding spectacular. You can rid yourself of the headache and stress and concentrate on the other important elements such as your guest list, airline bookings and wedding trousseau which are also considered equally important.

So how do you go about the selection of a right wedding planner?  You start from the comfort of your home with a simple click of the mouse….. and voila! There are ample wedding planners to choose from, but a few are excellent at what they do. With a huge list of wedding planners to skim through on Google, here are a few tips to narrow down to a good destination wedding planner.

Firstly browse through the websites of the different wedding planning companies that Google provides you with. You may wish to short list a few after checking them out. An updated website is always rated higher and favored by all. Blog posts with huge fan following/ interested audience is a true indicator of the popularity of the wedding planner. A wedding planner who blogs regularly is valued in the market due to the vast knowledge he/she displays on the blogs. Read the testimonials and reviews from past clients. Positive remarks/referrals from previous clientele always place the wedding planner at a greater advantage of securing more business offers. Make a few calls if you happen to know anyone who has had their wedding organized by this wedding planner. Give an ear to what they have to comment and listen to the details. First-hand experiences are worth listening to. They provide valuable insights into:

  • Is the wedding planner doing as what is expected of him/her?
  • Is he/she trying to extort large sums of payment for work not done?
  • Is he/she open to suggestions and creative ideas? Does he/she enforce his/her views upon you?
  • Does he/she organize your special day within the said budget?
  • Does he/she give you value for your money spent?
  • Is he/she someone you can trust, can depend on?

There are also some very popular wedding planning websites available to check out just about everything connected to weddings, including different destination wedding planners.  Today the internet has made it so simple for us to get the best value for our money spent with a huge bunch of information made available just on our finger tips.

Always remember, choose someone you can trust and work with closely.  It is very important that you clearly share your ideas in detail with your wedding planner for the best outcome.  Your communication builds up, ideas are being brainstormed, and your wedding planner will eventually become a part of your family as the wedding celebrations fall nearer.  Do follow the steps above and you will be on your way to a spectacular and gorgeous wedding celebration!

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