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The company has been in the business of events, destination weddings, theme promotions, private yacht parties, exclusive honeymoon and anniversary getaways.

We opened our doors in March 2016 and have conducted some exceptional and much talked about wedding events. We cater to your wedding arrangements right from scratch, with the initial phase to the very end of your wedding events.

Our niche team of dedicated and creative individuals work with utmost passion, paying attention to your smallest detail so that we bring your mental vision into the real world.

As a bridal couple, we understand how very important your wedding day is to you and your families. Once you confirm with us, we ensure that you get a dedicated team member who will exclusively focus their time and effort with you on securing all arrangements from the start to the finish of your wedding events.

Please check our Services section to know more about the services we cater to.

Our other social events that we have been popular with are private theme parties, birthday & anniversary celebrations, inaugural parties and honeymoon surprises.

We are committed to the events we organise, we stay transparent in our dealings with our clients, we work closely with you to ensure that every detail is given much thought; we bring fresh ideas to the table and engage families and friends in discussion and we do all of this keeping your budget spend in mind.[/eventco_about_detail]

 Meet The Team

Sharon Fernandes
Managing Director

An ex-hotelier with a strong Sales & Marketing background, SHARON FERNANDES has always been in the profession of client negotiation, event planning, customer relations and finance & budget planning.  Her plunge into Wedding & Events Management has been a very natural shift due to her tremendous interest in the glamour, glitz and creative world. It is truly in this business that the best in her is displayed.

She is hard core fitness freak, eats and lives healthy, always grateful for the gift of LIFE and is a huge believer in WOMEN POWER!

Savio Francis
Creative Head

SAVIO FRANCIS is a spontaneous, enthusiastic individual and fun to be around with.  His flair to keep a conversation on-going, engaging the team with new and out of the box ideas is his best strength.  His past working experience has been in advertising & marketing fields both overseas and within India.

In Purple Truffle Event Planners he plans the back end work, creates visuals, design creatives and oversees the final sketch for approval.  When not working, this individual is chilling out experimenting on new culinary skills.

Atee Singh
Events Specialist

We consider ATEE SINGH to be the backbone of our family.  She keeps us on our toes and creates the buzz with the event enquiries that we receive, sets up meeting agendas with the team, venue site visits, vendor management and all that goes into the working of an event preparation.

What would we do without her especially on Mondays! Must say she entertains the office with her weekly home-made specialties every start of the week!

Priyanka Godinho
Events Specialist

This young dynamic lady is a go – getter and will not stop until she gets what she has envisioned in her mind. As a creative thinker with a vivid imagination for colours and fine things she is a right fit into the creative team. Her main responsibilities involve dialogues with the clients and the in-house team on the operations of each event with specific itineraries. Having completed her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media from St Andrew’s College, Mumbai, she enjoys trending on social media and does enjoy writing a blog or two for us!

Her discipline and meticulous ways of work are impressive and she is an asset to the organisation. She believes in eating and living a healthy life, enjoying each moment that the day brings in and we love her optimism and her healthy energy levels.