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Pink has always been every girl’s favorite color and is the most alive and active color in the fashion world as we speak. The color ‘pink’ can be defined as soft texture, versatile, stylish, elegant, sophisticated and you can go on and on….the bottom line is the color ‘pink’ is still by far the most lovable of all colors. The different shades of ‘pink’ do have a story to tell, do have a personality trait to unveil and elates an extra dash of confidence in you!

So let’s look at some of the inspiring color palettes that we can mix and match with our title color ‘pink’ to bring out a unique wedding style, poise and charm and  create a luscious wedding palette.  We put together our favorite few color combos, for every wedding event, that every adorable bride should consider.

  1. Turquoise & Rose Pink – This beautiful color palette has been doing the rounds for quite a while and is seemingly a very refreshing and delicate color combination.  This color palette just happens to amazingly team up and is so right for a spring or summer outdoor wedding.

    Pic credits: Picsurely Studios, Mumbai

  2. Pista green with gold sequin & Salmon Pink – This color palette is a soft, pastel   color mix ideal for an engagement / ring ceremony.  This color combo is nature inspired and resembles a happy and joyous inspiration. You can try getting imaginative with adding in hint of gold sequins to bring in a stylish and classic look.

    Pic credits: Google

  3. Dusty Pink /Peach /Gold – I personally love this pastel and warm color tone in peach which is so special when you blend it in pink…especially if you are opting for a rustic wedding theme! If you want to really be bold and stand out, try contrasting your jewellery with some really fab new age chunky trends (Watch out for my next blog on “New age jewellery tends for every wedding event”)

  4. White/ Raspberry Pink / Rose pink – This combo is a highly flattering, lush & festive color palette, perfect for memorable events such as a wedding!  The color pink tells you of romance, of love and bet your florist will come up with so many floral ideas to cheer up the overall ambience!

  5. Aquamarine & Blush Pink – This color shade of blue is such a cool and summery color and is flattering when paired with pink.  This color combo is getting pretty serious with most brides and could be contending to make waves this season! Also, have to admit it is a pretty elegant and flawless color combo to the eye!

    Pic credits: Rahul De Cunha Pictures

  6. Royal Blue & Rose Pink – This color inspiration is bold, classic and sophisticated.  It works beautifully when complemented with a strong and confident personality.  Not everyone can carry the Royal Blue, it’s for the bride who is all set to display her confidence and oomph factor! This color palette is deep, gorgeous and leaves an unforgettable memory!

    Pic credits: Google

  7. Ivory/ Sea Blue  / Pastel Pink – This embodiment of blue and pink when coming together depicts a highly versatile, unconventional look and when it blends with ivory, the end result is a sleeker and svelte feel to the overall color palette.  Today’s modern brides are turning to explore color palettes such as this!

    Pic credits: Google

This sums us our favorite topic on the color ‘pink’.  We hope that our thoughts and ideas put together in this article will  assist you in some little way of looking to mix and blend your wedding colors so that every color you choose and implement during  your “ I DO’S” moment is enhanced, inspired, cherished and loved by all present at your wedding.  Do tell us what you think in the comment box below.  We’d love to hear your thoughts, your dreams!

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